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-Entrepreneurial Strategy and Structuring

-Financial Analysis and Planning

-Valuation, Negotiation and Arbitration

-Asset, Wealth and Investment Management

-Regulation and Taxation Economics

-Macroeconomic Trends and Forecasting

Entrepreneurial Strategy and Structuring

Value Edge provides guidance and support for financial modeling, a complete business plan development and up to the optimal structuring and launch process of the new venture .  Our team provides hands-on experience and coordination with wide range of expert advisors in the legal and tax fields (when necessary) to transform a vision into a success story.

Financial Analysis and Planning

Literate in Data, Finance and Economics,  Value Edge team will provide fresh, informed and structured view of the context and alternatives for you to choose the optimal decision. Our team is trained to find the highest shareholder value in every context.  We do not replace your experts, although we provide a fresh and cutting edge view and structured solution to amplify your net benefits.  

Valuation, Negotiation and Arbitration

Value Edge  cumulative experience and technical capabilities will provide outstanding service for Valuation. Fluent in Data, Finance and Economics our team would be capable to front-face any Negotiation with the technical strength in your favor.

Value Edge  may  also serve as arbitrator to solve private and judicial disputes, in collaboration with authorities when required

Asset, Wealth and Investment Management

Value Edge team will provide efficient, cost-effective and transparent  service to manage your assets and your wealth under absolute privacy. Our strict code of ethics combined with our potent analytic process offers a distinctive investment management service. Our clients benefits from proprietary and cutting-edge technology based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithms providing outstanding ROI with absolute transparency. 

Regulation and Taxation Economics

Value Edge  technical capabilities will provide competent service to propose, defend or implement regulation or taxation criteria. Our team of expert Mircoeconomists  have had got involved in theoretical and  regulatory discussions at the highest levels in areas of Banking , telecommunications, and media.

Value Edge  may  also serve as arbitrator to solve private and judicial disputes, in collaboration or facing authorities when required.

Macroeconomic Trends and Forecasting

Accurate macroeconomic forecasting is essential for business decisions, financial trading and as a basis for policy decisions by politicians, economists and business persons.

Value Edge’s experienced economists are available on a consultancy basis to address your specific needs.  We  produce robust economic analysis, insight and research to help your organization to achieve optimally informed decisions.